Katie D. Hall, PIVOT Architecture

"I’m writing to you regarding the Trifoia (IRIS Educational Media) project I’m wrapping up with Ordell Construction in the new 1203 Willamette Street Building. I had the pleasure to work with Erik Stolle and Evin Avila who managed and supervised this project through construction. I want to take a minute to tell you that it was an absolute pleasure to work with your entire team from the start. Steve Porter, Andy Nichols, Erik and Evin (in addition to the crew and subs) have all been really great and easy to work with. I appreciate their level of communication and attention to detail. They delivered a project that our team and I are super proud to be a part of.

The construction of the space went along smooth and with very little hiccups. Each person on your team communicated and collaborated with me during the entire construction process. I started working with Steve at the start as he estimated the space. He walked through the drawings and existing space with me and was clear and concise. To be specific, Steve always does a great job asking questions and helping us come up with options to fit within a the client’s budget. I sincerely appreciated Evin’s ability to be detailed, think through issues and provide practical solutions. I gained a lot of trust in Evin to understand what level of finish we were looking for and confidence in his abilities and opinions in construction. He asked for direction where it mattered most; his level of care shows in the quality of space he produced. Erik made sure to stay on top of the paperwork and kindly reminded me of items when our decisions could influence the schedule. Both Evin and Erik were great to communicate with and really helped this project be a success. I enjoyed working with them the whole way through.

This was a tight budget and the end result is above my expectations. Trifoia is super pleased with the build out of their space and we’ve already received a ton of compliments from other observers. Thank you!

It was a sincere pleasure to work with your team and I look forward to the next project with this team in the future! Please give them the kudos they deserve."

- Katie, AIA, NCARB, PIVOT Architecture

Dennis Siller