Gerald, Willamette Valley Company

“Ordell Construction provided excellent customer service to a fast paced project.  We were moving into a new building with a lot of unknown variables; we threw a lot of changes at them and they accommodated everything we needed. They communicated the impacts and the scopes well, allowing us to make informed decisions. The field superintendent did a really great job working with a large and diverse owner’s team, helping everyone get what they needed done, and helping keep everyone happy with the results.  The best part was that not only did Ordell remain flexible and responsive with dozens of scope changes, they managed to get it all done in time to allow us to meet our move in date, which was not a date we could push back.

They were flexible, responsive, and professional and there was high degree of satisfaction from everyone that worked with them.  I would recommend them to anyone in need of a contractor for projects both big and small. Thank you Ordell!”

- Gerald, Willamette Valley Company

Seth Revoal